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We strive, through the intercession of St. Charles Lwanga, to help the people of Uganda spiritually, physically, and intellectually. We are responding to one of Uganda's greatest need for primary and secondary education by building and supporting Pope John Paul II High School, St Andrew Primary School, St Charles Lwanga Primary School, Marengoni Primary School, St Joseph's Vocational School, and Maria Middleton Primary School among many other missions. Learn more about our work, and join with us in prayer for our mission


We use our faith in God and Jesus Christ and our love for others to educate our fellow Americans and encourage their desires to serve. We hope to equip the people of Uganda to build a better nation for the generations to come, through education, prayer, and service. 




By the Numbers


PJPII High School ranks in the top 1% of all secondary schools in Uganda

The 2022 Senior 4 class scored 39th in the country out of nearly 4,000 secondary schools in Uganda. Every year, we hope to build on this success. 


Number of students receiving an education at PJPII High School

PJPII High School enrolls over 750 students, the majority of whom  board on campus. Beyond education, PJPII provides housing, food, clean drinking water, and medical care.


Percentage of graduated Senior 6 students that qualified for college

The first graduating class of Senior 6 students excelled on the national exam. 97% of the class qualified to enroll in college and pursue professional careers.  

National rank of the top students at PJPII High School

One student at PJPII High School tied for 1st in the entire country of Uganda on the national exam.   



Come to our handbag bingo night at Archbishop Wood High School on Friday May 3, 2024 at 7Pm. For more information or to register, please click here.

Chapel at the Maria Middleton Primary School  

A beautiful new chapel is being proposed at the Maria Middleton Primary School in Northern Uganda.  See the rendering here

New Teachers Houses 

Five new teachers houses are being built at the high school in the jungle.  A couple of our donors contributed the money to complete this project.  See the rendering here

Construction at the Maria Middleton Primary School 

Buildings are coming out of the ground at the Maria Middleton Primary School in Sodogo, Northern Uganda. The project continues to accelerate.  See the photos here

Renovations at the Marengoni Primary School  

Renovations, and continuing development, at Marengoni Primary School are in full bloom.  The photos show the replacement of the roof, creation of a new refrectory and hopefully in the near future installation of stone paths so that the children and faculty do not have to walk in the mud.  See the photos here

The Village of Sodogo Now has Access to Water!

A new well was drilled in the beginning of December, 2023 in Northern Uganda at the soon to be Maria Middleton Primary School.  The people finally have easy access to water in the Village of Sodogo. More pictures will be coming soon as they start to construct the buildings for the school.  See the photos here

Come with Us to Uganda!

We are planning our next trip for April 4 to April 13, 2024, so if you are interested in going with us please email Sandi Biggins at



A Building a Bridge to Uganda Story

From genocide to Jesus Christ: the inspiring true story of Pope John Paul II School in Central Uganda.

Watch the film by clicking on this link


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