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In the Spring of 2006, while preaching a Mission Appeal at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Richboro, PA, Father Joseph Sserugo extended an invitation to a group of the faithful to come to his village of Ibanda, Uganda in East Africa.


In 2007 the first group went to Uganda.  In planning the trip they asked Father Joseph  a standard American question: what will we do when we are in Uganda?  With the wisdom of a Pastor and the heart of a Disciple, he responded: Come and love my people.  


They went.  They met the people.  They loved the people!


The experience of this first group was beyond their imagination: the natural beauty of Uganda, the hospitality of the people, the vibrant celebration of faith, the hope in the midst of so much suffering and a desire to "build a bridge" that would allow this relationship to continue.

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