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The Team

Father Joseph

Uganda Point Person 

Lou Buonomo_edited_edited.jpg

Louis Buonomo


Father Cristopher M Walsh_edited_edited.

Father Chris Walsh

Vice President


Linda Ormsby


Jo Fran Garson_edited.jpg

JoFran Garson

Thomas McDonald_edited.jpg

Thomas McDonald
Board of Trustees Member

James Kenny
Board of Trustees Member

Christine Favorite 

Board of Trustees Member

Brittany Doney

Board of Trustees Member

Richard Auletta.JPG

Rick Auletta

Board of Trustees Member 


Charles Ormsby

Enthusiastic Supporter

Our team members in the United States are all volunteers, which allows us to keep operational costs at a minimum and ensure your donations go directly to those in need. Our team shares a passion for serving and devotion to helping the people of Uganda build a better nation for this generation and generations to come.   

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