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Pope John Paul II High School

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How It Started

In 2009, the Apostles of Jesus asked Building a Bridge to Uganda to assist them in building a secondary school north of Uganda’s capital city of Kampala.  The Apostles of Jesus were responding to the great need for post-primary education throughout Africa.  The United Nations has reported that one of the great challenges in Africa creating economic opportunities and lasting peace is the lack of secondary education (less than 7% of students are able to attend secondary school).  The Apostles of Jesus owned a large piece of land in an area that lacked a co-ed Catholic High School.  Building a Bridge to Uganda committed to assist them with the project by raising awareness and funds for the High School.


An Idea Becomes a Reality 


The project started slowly with the clearing of the ground, laying a foundation and raising the funds to build the first set of buildings so that classes could begin in February 2012.  Through many generous donations, some small and some large, the building became a reality over the course of two years. 

The school is, in the words of Father Joseph, “First Class”, providing our adolescent students a wonderful education in a wonderful environment.  Pope John Paul II Academy provides an opportunity for students who otherwise might not be attending secondary school.   This school is a very BIG answer to one of Uganda’s BIG problems.  This school is part of the solution for a better Uganda in the years to come.  It was only possible because of many generous donors and much hard work in America and in Uganda!

Student of the Month

Future Opportunities 

  • Sanitation System   

  • Lab Equipment 

  • Computersr

  • Soccer Field

  • Track and Field 

  • Water Purification

  • College Scholarship Program 

  • Teacher Housing





Accomplishments and Opportunities 

At the start of the first school year, PJPII had 60 students. Each year we have added approximately 100 - 125 students.  We are currently educating over 800 male and female students in math, science, health, history, agriculture, economics, religion, literature, and business.  


We have been building aggressively to meet the growing needs of the students and teachers.  Since 2012, we have constructed classroom blocks, a library, science labs, an auditorium, teachers housing, athletic fields, and boys and girls dormitories. Most recently, we completed construction of a chapel, large enough to accommodate all the students and staff! 


As we have been fortunate to welcome new students every year, opportunities for future projects continue to arise! Our current and continued success is only possible because of many generous donors and much hard work in America and in Uganda! With God’s grace and the goodness of many people, the story will continue and history will continue to be made!

Poems from our Students

Message from our Students

Secrets About Pope John Paul II High School 


Oh Pope John Paul II High School 

The school where success is compulsory

The school where strive for the best with the best

The school that offers the best quality education


Oh Pope John Paul II High School

The school that has experienced and well trained teachers

The school that helps the needy

The school that caters for the future of students


Oh Pope John Paul II High School 

The school where people are loved and cared for

The school that brings us near to God

The school where people are equal


Long live Father Sserugo

Long live Building a Bridge to Uganda

Long live Pope John Paul II High School 

May God bless you!


By: Wokorach Allan (Senior 4)


Never Give Up


Never give up no matter how hard the journey might be. 

As you make a choice, just be assured that the chance is there for you to utilize. 

Don't give room for chance to be lost, because once lost is never gained. 

It's hard to move the mountain, but with faith it's possible. 

Like the person who yearned to touch Jesus' cloth, 

For her disease to be HEALED and out of faith it was done. 

Faith makes you whatever you want to be. 

No matter from which background. 

Like Jesus was born into poor family, but this did not stop him from winning all situations. 

Just get to know that you were born to win, like any other winner that you may know. 

It's a matter of serving one another. 

For Jesus, for one to be great, he/she must be of good service to the other that show success. 

The End of your journey will be marked with jubilation

And you will always be legendary and regarded as a champion. 


By: Niwamanya Godfry (Senior 6)


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