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Come with Us to Uganda!

We are planning our next trip for April 4 to April 13, 2024, so if you are interested in going with us please email Sandi Biggins at

Thank you for all of your prayerful and financial support.

Bingo for a Cause - Friday, May 3 

Come to our handbag bingo night at Archbishop Wood High School on Friday May 3, 2024 at 7Pm. For more information or to register, please click here.

Chapel at the Maria Middleton Primary School  - Jan 2024

Here is the architectural rendering of the chapel that is being proposed at the Maria Middleton Primary School in Northern Uganda.  It is breathtaking!


New Teachers Houses  - Jan 2024

Five new teachers houses are being built at the high school in the jungle.  A couple of our donors contributed the money to complete this project.  Once Father Joseph returns next week, I am sure we will start to see this building being constructed.

teachers housing.jpg

Construction at the Maria Middleton Primary School  - Jan 2024

Buildings are coming out of the ground at the Maria Middleton Primary School in Sodogo, Northern Uganda. The project continues to accelerate.

Sodogo pic 1 (02798024x9E1D6).jpg
Sodogo pic 4 (02798027x9E1D6).jpg
Sodogo pic 3 (02798026x9E1D6).jpg

Renovations at the Marengoni Primary School  - Jan 2024

Renovations, and continuing development, at Marengoni Primary School are in full bloom.  The photos below pictures show the replacement of the roof, creation of a new refrectory and hopefully in the near future installation of stone paths so that the children and faculty do not have to walk in the mud. 


Please note that the construction that is being fixed was done prior to Building a Bridge to Uganda being involved, and we are correcting the mistakes that were done previously. The past was not our handiwork!

Thank you for all your prayerful and financial support.

Marengoni Primary School update pic 1 (02798028x9E1D6).png
Marengoni Primary School updated pic 2 (02798029x9E1D6).png
Marengoni Primary School update pic 3 (02798030x9E1D6).png

The Village of Sodogo Now has Access to Water! - Dec 2023

A new well was drilled in the beginning of December, 2023 in Northern Uganda at the soon to be Maria Middleton Primary School.  The people finally have easy access to water in the Village of Sodogo. More pictures will be coming soon as they start to construct the buildings for the school.  Stay tuned!

Well  pic  2 Northern Uganda (02786538x9E1D6).jpg
Well Pic 1- Northern Uganda (02786536x9E1D6).jpg

Conwell Egan High School and Pope John Paul II High School United in Prayer and Sharing in Love 

A few years ago, the students at Pope John Paul II High School had the opportunity to video conference with the students at Conwell Egan High School in the Archdiocese of  Philadelphia. It is an absolute joy to watch the students share in this experience together! Watch the full video below.  


Philadelphia Union Donates to Children in Uganda

Thank you Philadelphia Union for donating $12,920 worth of items - soccer uniforms, gear, t-shirts, scarves, cleats, soccer balls - to the children at Pope John Paul II High School in Uganda. The students were ecstatic when they received the donations! Construction is underway for a new soccer pitch at the high school. The Union's donations are contributing to the happiness and lives of many boys and girls who have a passion for "football"!


Every Saturday afternoon, at Pope John Paul II High School, students gather on the front lawn and play their favorite sport soccer! The students will no longer have to play barefoot and compete for limited soccer balls because of the Union's donations. The students and faculty thank the Philadelphia Union from the bottom their hearts for supporting them. 

Sea Container Project Update 

Thank you to all who contributed to the Sea Container Project! We were overwhelmed by people's generosity. Thousands of shoes, clothes, books, medical supplies, bicycles, and musical instruments were among many of the donations received. 

The sea container shipped in October 2018, and after months of travel finally arrived at Pope John Paul II High School in February. The recent group of travelers that visit Uganda in March had the privilege to distribute the donations to PJPII High School and Marengoni Primary School, a medical clinic, and families in need. 


These donations will truly change the lives of many in great need!  

Sharing Stories and Inspiring Action at Archbishop Ryan High School!

Thank you Archbishop Ryan High School for opening your doors, hearts, and minds to the needs of the people of Uganda. Over 1,100 students and faculty listened to a presentation on Building a Bridge to Uganda and have responded with incredible compassion and enthusiasm for the cause! 

Archbishop Ryan High School Principal said:

"I thought the students really enjoyed the assembly and they were talking about it later in the day. Seeing how their peers in Uganda experience life, school, and activities daily really made an impact on them. Throughout the day, a number of students came to inquire about a service trip to the school."

Ryan's Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs said:

"I was surprised at how effected I was by the presentation. To hear that for people in Uganda, there is hope in Americans simply knowing that they exist was humbling. We have been blessed simply by where we are born but the people of Uganda live in hope and that is a beautiful thing."

Student, Class of 2021 stated:

"The presentation was very inspirational. One day, I hope to be a part of the work that Building a Bridge to Uganda is doing. This makes you realize how much God has given us and how much we can give back. It is amazing how people from my home, Pennsylvania, can make a difference half way around the world."

Student, Class of 2021 said:

"(The presentation) was inspiring and very powerful because it helps us to realize how grateful we should be for what we have. The talk strengthens our religious values and helps us realize how other countries need our help. It also inspires us to also do mission trips to other places and inspires us to give back to others who are not as fortunate."

Student, Class of 2021 said:

"The presentation inspires me to want to help others. It made me realize how grateful I should be and that there is more to life than just social media and small things that we worry about. It's a beautiful thing to see how we are all in this world together and that people care and are doing good things for others. Life is a gift and what we do with ours is our gift back to God. I want to do something much bigger than me to help others."

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share stories and be a voice for the people we serve in Uganda, and moved by the response of the students and faculty at Archbishop Ryan High School. We pray that this is just the beginning of a partnership that will continue to flourish and inspire move people to act.  

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