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St. Andrew

St. Andrew, in Kibale, was the next primary school that we were introduced to in 2018.  St. Andrew is considered one of the best primary schools in the District. You will see a picture of what it originally looked like when we first saw it.


One of our board members, who was traveling to Uganda at that time, said that we could do better.  She raised the money to transform St. Andrew into the beautiful school that it is now.  See the video below.

We also put shoes on every student in 2019 then came back in 2021 only to discover that all of the students at St. Andrew still were wearing shoes.  We were shocked because clearly the students that had received the original shoes may have outgrown them or left the school or even lost them or ruined them.  But pretty much all of the students had big smiles and all were wearing shoes.  We knew that something had happened in the St. Andrew community.  We determined that parents in that community had decided that since we had provided those shoes their kids were going to have shoes going forward.  St. Andrew has about 200 students. 

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