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Host an Event 

Since our first trip to Uganda we have been blessed with many opportunities to “tell the story” of Uganda.  We have been invited to Churches, Elementary and High Schools, Colleges, Religious Education Programs, Youth Groups, Rotary Clubs, luncheons as well as picnics and wine and cheese get togethers.  On each occasion, we have told the story about our beloved friends in Uganda and the amazing things God has done through our humble efforts.  We have shared video and photos, we have shown a variety of collectables we have gathered from Uganda and we have shared our passion and hope for what can happen when people freely share their gifts with others.  Some groups have taken up collections for our work, some have made donations, some have allowed us to build our mailing list.  In each and every case, the story has been passed on and God has done great things.  If you are willing to invite us, we would happily join your group to share our story and see what God will do with our efforts.


What needs to happen to have Building a Bridge to Uganda come and give a presentation?


  • Confer with your organization and gain any necessary permission for us to come and offer a presentation (speak with your Pastor, Principal, DRE, Club President)

  • Contact JoFran Garson at or 215-588-1399 and plan a date for the presentation

  • There is no cost in having Building a Bridge to Uganda offer a presentation; your presenter will work with you on any specific needs for your organization.


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